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Now that the money is starting to come in with my fundraiser I decided it was needed to dig deeper into Greenpeace. Of course their website is outstanding it is just draws you right in but the real question is; what do the people working there feel about what they do for a living. I had the opportunity to speak with Alice Newberry, an active community engangement specialist at Greenpeace. I asked her about what she does there and her response was,

“I am someone who fights to help for our environment. Greenpeace is an organization that really isn’t afraid of holding corporations and government accountable and that is super unique.”

I loved being able to hear from someone who is right in the middle of the whole thing about what they feel about Greenpeace. I then asked Alice what she loved about working at Greenpeace and her response was,

“I love getting to be around really inspiring individuals who are all really passionate about the environment. There’s a shared unity that I feel when our team pulls together actions, achieve wins, and even feel losses together.”

I, as most people would, assumed that those who work for different non-profits love doing what they do. They have the opportunity to change things no matter what they are. When it comes to our earth it is hard to understand that money is something that is a major factor in making lifestyle changes. How can a dollar change the amount of trash that someone throws out their window or how does twenty dollars make someone not wash their car in their driveway? I realized while researching Greenpeace that it isn’t about how the money will change someones habits. It is that the money can allow for more trash cans, better environmental disposals of waste, higher quality water filters and many more.

Vlad Tchompalov-Unsplash

We can’t remove every ounce of trash or chemicals from our earth and water but we can come pretty damn close and if $200 can make this closer to happening then I would raise money for Greenpeace every year because one step small closer is better than nothing at all.

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