One of the largest statements that Greenpeace has made is to resist. Resist the government and their bills to cover up our earth’s problems. It is hard to believe that something so natural is now being controlled by business men and billionaires. If it were up to me a truly would not have the environment or anything that involves it become a political issue, but of course we know that will never happen. Once the politics have started rolling in they will never stop. Greenpeace has tried extremely hard to keep the government and all of those who are involved away from their non-profit organization. In fact they make some serious declarations about it. Their website says,

“This past presidential election did not go well. The winner was selected by a minority of voters. And now he is stacking his cabinet with billionaires and business-people who only have their own interests at heart.

First and foremost, our democracy should represent the interests of the people — interests like a safe climate and healthy environment.

A democracy flooded by corporate money, attacks on voting rights, and gridlock limits the progress we can make on challenges that affect us all — including environmental protection.”

They have a set list of what they are fighting for and what they along with their allies are in battle to achieve. Greenpeace is working towards “A broad, diverse and inclusive democracy in which every voice counts”, “An end to corporate money and influence in politics”, “Free and fair access to the right to vote, a cornerstone of our democracy” these goals would be easy to achieve, at least one would think. But according to Greenpeace themselves along with their employees the government is blocking the world and its people from needed resources, clean water, less pollution, and most of all the money that could be used to help reverse the bad situation we have placed ourselves within.

When a viewer first enters the Greenpeace website they encounter all types of encouraging words such as, protection, toxic free, fighting, saving, defending, and sustainable. But resistance is the complete opposite of these words. Resistance means, the refusal to accept or comply with something, this is what Greenpeace is trying to do against the government. Although what they are doing is for the better of our earth seeing the word resistance kind of makes you think twice. I understand that the government is slowly taking away funds to protect the earth but maybe rather than resisting we should work together. The more the better is true in this case, the more people that are trying to go green and help save the earth then the more change will actually happen.

The latest news that has occurred from our government is that Donald Trump has reduced the size of both Bear Ears and Grand-Staircase Escalante National Monuments. This is the largest elimination of protected land in American history. Bear Ears is known to be the largest place where cultural resources come from in the country. The fact that this has now been reduced to a minimum amount of land is absurd. When this news came out it broke the hearts of millions, including me. I cant even imagine a world without environmentally protected land that is suddenly just not there anymore. This is where people seem to forget that without this land and these resources we are killing ourselves, one mile at a time. Huge companies like Patagonia clothing have taken their own ways of action against the governments destruction. I was shocked to see this issue actually come into play in our worlds reality. The resistance against the government has rightfully come through in the last couple of years and even more so in the last couple of months. Greenpeace along with hundreds of other non-profit organizations are fighting the battle of government funded environmental destruction.

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