Where Does Our Money Go?


We have officially reached our goal of $200 for Greenpeace! Since the fundraiser has gone so well I raised the goal even more to $250. The more money the better. I am shocked to see the serious amounts of effort and money that was donated to help my cause and final project. Due to the goal being reach, I decided to one again askĀ Alice Newberry about where my money is actually going. She isn’t personally in the financing department but she did lead me to their tax and financial statements for each year. I was very impressed to see how open Greenpeace is with their funding, how much money they make, and where it all comes from. I took their most recent years financial statement and started to process the numbers. Alice had mentioned previously that the whole goal for having a nonprofit to protect the environment was going to be based around not taking any money or funding from the government and corporations.

Photo by Gem & Lauris [A Place for Creation] on Unsplash
In the year 2016 Greenpeace’s total revenue was $38,582,526. This is the amount of money that was taken in from fundraisers, donations, and grants. This is an insane amount of money. Once I had seen this total I started thinking about how almost 39 million dollars would be helping the environment and there was definitely a lot that can be done with that. They can push farther into purifying our water, reducing chemicals, and most importantly stopping the government from overlooking the importance of our earths wellness. For the mission statement about what Greenpeace is trying to do they wrote, “Greenpeace INC. is an independent campaigning organization that uses peaceful, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems, and to force solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future” that statement right there is how we all as human beings should live by. Everything we do should be in the best interest for our environment and for the future that our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will have. If we continue to ruin the places that we live then where will our future descendants find their homes?

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