The Preface

The Preface

In the essays that follow I am writing to open not only my mind but my heart. I have felt my ignorance dropping away and being replaced with my knowledge and this has led me to taking action for our environment. I started off writing with such a small amount of knowledge on Environmentalism but after reading each book the information grew and so did my respect and understanding of our earth’s reality. A turtles shell protects all of the internal organs, the important parts of its body and it is the home to the species. When he pokes his head out, he leaves himself vulnerable but he will never survive without taking the plunge into the ocean. The earth is our home, our protection, and just like the turtle without the earth we are not able to survive. The problem we face in ‘coming out of our shells’ is that, by gaining an understanding of environmental knowledge and when grappling with the truth we become vulnerable.

The reoccurring theme within my essays is that knowing environmental issues makes all of us responsible for our actions and this is a hard truth to swallow. Reading writers such as Rachel Carson, Gary Snyder, Wendell Berry, Linda Hogan, and Terry Tempest Williams leaves each of us responsible for our actions. For once we become truly aware of our world surrounding us we either take action or must sit with this knowledge. All of us, to some degree, and I begin with myself, are in denial thinking that we are not part of our earth’s destruction. Starting with denial makes it difficult to express compassion for environmental issues. But once I started making my personal connections to the books my mind and heart opened and this is when my change went from being ignorant to active.

Reading any type of book or collection human beings will find themselves connecting to the main discussion in personal ways. Being able to relate to the things that you are reading to your own life allows for a deeper meaning. when books talk about cancer, illness, chemicals, battles, and destruction we all will have a direct relationship with these elements. Because of these connections I will be active and I will make my knowledge known. Saving our earth is important and it is needed. I believe this collection of essays starts to take on the responsibility of our earths problems. My work presents the damage that we as humans have done, through the effort to state the truth. Our earth is slowly being killed along with the entire human race and my work is the comprehension of what has already been damaged, what needs to be done, and how we can make efforts to make a change.

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