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Healthy World, Healthy Body

Healthy World, Healthy Body

The health issues within humans have become a large topic of discussion lately. The environment surrounds all human beings at all times. Therefore it makes sense that most of our health issues are coming from our surroundings. It all counteracts with each other and when we as humans are killing our environment it makes sense that it is killing us back. Rachel Carson talks a lot about the different effects of the chemicals that we are using to fight against the earth that are hurting ourselves. As I have talked about in another recent post, Cancerous Chemicals, Carson uses multiple ways of stating how we are slowly killing our bodies by trying to ‘help’ our environment.

“belief that malignant diseases can be reduced significantly by determined efforts to identify environmental causes and to eliminate them or reduce their impact. For those in whom cancer is already a hidden or a visible presence, efforts to find cures must of course continue. But for those not yet touched by the disease and certainly for the generations as yet unborn, prevention is the imperative need” (242-243).

This quote stated in Carson’s book Silent Spring is the perfect example of what we as humans need to be doing and continue doing. It is sad to think that those who have yet to be introduced to cancer do not think about their impact but it is true. Bringing out the truth is yet again the answer to most of our questions. The environment is changing every single day and we are the cause of this change. All of the little things that we do allows for the earth to move with us on the road toward the future. But moving forward can’t involve most humans to be left behind from diseases. Cancer kills millions of people every year and yet we are still not changing our ‘needs’ when it comes to larger crops, bigger plants, and ways of living.

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“Our fragmentation of this subject cannot be our cure, because it is our disease. The body cannot be whole alone. Persons cannot be whole alone. It is wrong to think that bodily health is compatible with spiritual confusion or cultural disorder, or with polluted air and water or impoverished soil” (107).

We are never whole. Without the environment we aren’t whole. Without each other we aren’t whole. Without knowledge we aren’t whole. Berry needs to find the answer to what makes us whole. I personally need to find the answer as well. How can we be whole without demeaning each other, bringing people down, introducing chemicals, or dying. Humanities health is becoming less and less, minute by minute. I think it is extremely hard to understand fully that we are causing a lot of our health problems. Carson uses the truth toward our health mentally and Berry uses more of evidence based support. Which I find to be very helpful when it comes to the comprehension of our ecological and physical health. Berry talks about what the word health even is and it tells the reader to understand the idea that health is wholesome.

Having a healthy world will lead us into having a healthy body. Without the chemicals, pesticides, and negative environmental attitudes our wholeness would become greater. We can be happier and healthier along with keeping our environment safe and healthy as well.